We seek to connect business decision makers with the best locations to serve the needs of their businesses. No matter the unique need whether it is access to airports, freeways, or professional hubs. OC Office Condos is dedicated to providing the absolute best service and professional expertise pertaining to the search for new opportunities.


Finding the perfect location for your business can be just the thing your business needs to achieve the next level of production. 

Local Knowledge

Team up  with some of Orange Counties most experience commercial real estate agents. Let their success and experience be a strength. 

Market Research

When availability is tight it is important to work with agents who know what the market is doing in effort to have the foresight to make decisions.

"OC Office Condos gave me the information I needed to start my search as well as lead me to Troy and his team." Trent W.

Who We Are

We are a full-service firm offering brokerage, advisory and asset management services to owners and users of commercial properties in Southern California. We are an entrepreneurial company driven to proactively respond to the trends and opportunities within the Orange County market.